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  EOSSAA Championship Bid Summary
Online Bidding ends Friday, March 23, 2018

Faxed bids will not be accepted. All bids must be submitted online.

The following criteria will be considered in the event of more than one school bidding for the same sport and division.

  1. Schools hosting an OFSAA championship will be given priority to host the EOSSAA championship for that year.
  2. Schools not hosting last year will have priority.
  3. Schools from outside the association that hosted last year will have priority.
  4. If two or more schools want to host and do not meet either of the above criteria then the communication officers from each of the schools associations will make a presentation to the executive.
Questions about the bidding process should be directed to
Bryan English (englishb@limestone.on.ca) or Sue Cotnam (scotnam@rccdsb.on.ca).

IDDescriptionCurrent Bidders
1Alpine Skiing - Boys / Girlsnone
2Badminton - Boys / Girls / Mixednone
3Baseball - Opennone
4Basketball - Junior Boys ARenfrew Collegiate (UOVHSAA)
5Basketball - Junior Boys AAnone
6Basketball - Senior Boys ARideau District High School (LGSSAA)
7Basketball - Senior Boys AAnone
8Basketball - Junior Girls Anone
9Basketball - Junior Girls AAnone
10Basketball - Senior Girls Anone
11Basketball - Senior Girls AAArnprior DHS (UOVHSAA)
12Cross Country - Open Co-ednone
13Curling - Boys / Girls / Co-ednone
14Golf - Boys / Girlsnone
15Ice Hockey - Boys A/AAnone
16Ice Hockey - Girls A/AAnone
17Nordic Skiing - Boys / Girlsnone
18Rugby - Boys A/AAnone
19Rugby - Girls A/AAnone
20Snowboarding - Boys / Girlsnone
21Soccer - Jr & Sr Boys A613-525-1066 (SD&GAA)
St.Michael CHS (LGSSAA)
22Soccer - Jr & Sr Boys AAnone
23Soccer - Jr & Sr Girls ASt.Michael CHS (LGSSAA)
24Soccer - Jr & Sr Girls AAnone
25Swimming - Boys / Girlsnone
26Tennis - Boys / Girls / Mixednone
27Track and Field - Open Co-ednone
28Volleyball - Junior Boys Anone
29Volleyball - Junior Boys AAnone
30Volleyball - Senior Boys ASt. Mary CHS (LGSSAA)
31Volleyball - Senior Boys AASydenham High School (KASSAA)
32Volleyball - Junior Girls Anone
33Volleyball - Junior Girls AAnone
34Volleyball - Senior Girls ASt. Mary CHS (LGSSAA)
Granite Ridge Education Centre (KASSAA)
35Volleyball - Senior Girls AAnone
36Wrestling - Boys / Girlsnone